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Author / Illustrator Elaine Pease

Author/ Illustrator  Kerry Maclean

Author/ Illustrator Kerry Maclean

Jennifer Pollman


Elaine Pease launched PeasePod Books, LLC, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, when she came out with her first picture book I'll Never Leave in December 2000. But, she couldn't have done it alone. So, she collaborated with Kerry Lee MacLean to produce the wonderful, collage illustrations in I'll Never Leave. Kerry also writes and illustrates her own children's picture books, from Pigs over Boulder to her just released Peaceful Piggy Meditation. (See the link to her website). Graphic designer Jennifer Pollman created the PeasePod Books logo and produced the book up to the printing stage.

The next book to emerge was Even Sharks Need Friends in 2006. This time, Elaine not only wrote but illustrated her picture book, developing a unique, multi-media style with exotic, textured papers from places like Peru and Mexico. Striving for a three dimensional, collage look, Elaine layered papers on the ocean backgrounds painted by ten-year-old daughter, Natalie, and glued down real objects, like sea shells and the golden glasses. Kerry MacLean painted the character, Gloompa, in pearlescent purple acrylics. Jennifer Pollman put in many hours of using Adobe Photoshop to perfect the sparkling, images of the undersea world of Even Sharks Need Friends.

Ghost Over Boulder Creek is Elaine's latest book, a middle grade, history/mystery novel. With her passion for western history and when she researched the local newspaper's archives, she stumbled upon a real find. Back in 1867, ranch hand William Tull was hung from a creek-side tree for supposedly stealing two horses. Then, the sheriff and deputy reported seeing Tull's ghost. This story tied in nicely with the Washita River massacre that occurred near that time, where many Cheyenne were massacred under General Sheridan's orders. Weaving fact and fiction, Elaine created a survivor from that massacre- half-Cheyenne, half-white boy, Run Through Fire, William Tull's son. On his quest to find his father, with the hope that he'll help free Run Through Fire's imprisoned mother and the others, Run Through Fire is haunted by ghostly images.

Elaine contracted with Pelican Publishing for the October, 2012 release of Tallie's Christmas Lights Surprise. A Holiday Whodunit. The story idea was inspired by a news show segment that featured a woman whose Christmas lights had been stolen. When the thief's photo was flashed on the screen, asking viewers if anyone knew the whereabouts, Elaine knew she had an idea for a cute and funny picture book.

Says Pease, "Tallie's Christmas is turning crummy. Somebody swiped her candy cane lights! One minute, they decorated her playhouse roof. The next minute--gone! Did the mailman take them? Maybe a baby reindeer? Tallie dresses in her spy clothes to find the thief. You'll never guess whom that is until the surprise ending.

In this entertaining picture book, laugh along as Tallie looks through her magnifying glass at every possible clue--from a slimy snake to her naughty puppy, Fuego. Children learn the process of reasoning and figuring clues out in this fun holiday mystery, especially for four to eight year olds."