Appearances:  School Visits, Book Signings and Writing Workshops

School Visits

Packed into each 30-45 minute PowerPoint presentation, students learn how to spark imagination What if?, give feedback on what they feel is strong writing and editing and why, create mixed-media collage by viewing the original illustrations, and, how to research-- especially for grades three-six. Up to four presentations are given in one day for base fee of $450.00, depending on distance.

Another option for second graders is to write the sequel to Even Sharks Need Friends, one-hour workshop that can be added to the program for an additional $100.00.

Picture book PowerPoints are geared toward pre-K through second grades and the chapter book Ghost Over Boulder Creek powerpoint is intended for third through sixth grades, and is especially relevant for the Colorado social studies curriculum. Email us at [email protected] or call PeasePod Books, 303-447-9509.